Long Handle Bath Massage Cleaning Brush

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Do you also experience itchy skin in hot weather?

Mite bites may occur in summer due to less clothing and frequent skin contact with bed sheets; dermatitis caused by too much exposure to flower lotion or sunscreen; fungal infections caused by fungus on towels due to humid summer air; sun dermatitis caused by too much sun exposure, etc. All these causes may cause your skin allergy itching and redness. Severe cases can even cause skin inflammation that recurs and cannot be eradicated.

Our cleaning brush has a soft texture with over 3,000 heeled extremely fine bristles, each just 0.001mm, to deeply cleanse the skin, help unclog pores of oil and skin keratin, and reduce fungal and mite damage to the skin. Make your back no no red pimples and feel smoother.

Soft and non-invasive to the skin
The brush is made of more than 3000 PBT microfibers, soft and non-invasive to the skin, it will not make you feel tingling and will not leave visible scratches on your skin.

Deep Cleaning
The extremely fine bristle brush is able to carry away dirt and mites from the skin surface when it touches the skin, reducing damage to the skin and relieving itching and redness.

Storeable body wash
Pour the body wash into the handle to prevent excessive contact with air, more hygienic and safer.

More hygienic to use
The brush head is replaceable, so it can be removed and replaced with a new brush head individually. This allows us to be more hygienic in use, avoiding fungal infections or cross-contamination caused by using the same for a long time.

Note: To ensure our health, we recommend that adults and children use them separately and replace them every 6 months to reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Quick drying is not easy to breed bacteria
No brush is very fine, so it is easy to be blown dry under ventilated conditions, not easy to breed bacteria, the gap between the brush is larger, more ventilation than ordinary towels and bath balls.

Extended handle
The extended handle design allows you to clean the back more easily and is more conducive to thorough cleaning.

Massage for relaxation
By repeatedly rubbing the body back and forth, it can have a massage effect and relax the mind.



  • Size: 36cm
  • Color: pink / yellow / green / gray
  • Material: PBT+PP、PS
  • Package includes: long handle cleaning massage brush