Calming Pet Nest

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Wave goodbye to pet anxiety, forever! đŸ˜» đŸ’€

Designed by our brilliant pet therapists to improve your pet's quality of life. 

1) Calms down your pet.

The high raised walls create a deep sense of security. This helps activate the nervous system in a positive way, which then allows your fur kids to calm down faster and improve well-being.

2) More effective sleep.

Floating in our extremely comfortable nest results in much more effective sleep. Our soft padded centre gives fantastic comfort, great for the joints, while promoting your pet to sink into their deep sleep.

3) Soothing mother's fur.

Our soft faux fur imitates their mother's fur, assisting them to relax and feel at ease. Super for kittens and rescue pets. Cats love suckling and kneading our beds.

4) Great for most pets.

A super remedy for pets who are home alone all day.  Does your cat meow non stop, your dog frequently bark, or have irrational mood swings? Your fur baby could easily be stressed. This is the best bed for them. A simple addition of our Calming Nest could truly improve your pets life.

Vacuum rolled for cost effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival.

Customer Reviews

Based on 498 reviews
Jeanne D.
Calming pet nest

My sphinx LOVES the nest! It is chilly in our house with winter like weather still hanging on and the cozy warmth of the bed is his favorite place to hang now. It’s so plush and warm. Thank you!!!

My cat is obsessed!

My cat has barely left this bed since I got it in the mail. The cover is perfect for her to cover herself and hide. I’m so glad she loves it!

Linda C.

My adult cat Jasper loves it and he took to it right away!

Cyndi S.

It took a little time for our kitty to feel comfortable trying it out, but once he finally discovered that it was safe he climbed in and purred loudly for quite a while. He loves it now! Best pet bed I’ve ever purchased.

Kathleen F.
So soft!

My dog LOVES this bed!

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