Buddha 3-Piece Bedding Set

Buddha 3-Piece Bedding Set

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About: The Buddha is your third eye of enlightenment that guides your path to Nirvana. Buddha artwork intensifies good fortune and brings recognition and luck to your home or office. Carrying a Buddha item near you can attract Positive Chi Energy

Remind yourself the Eight Ways as Buddha taught.

In the words of the Buddha himself, the eight ways are: Right view, Right intention, and thinking, Right speech, Right action, Right manner of living (livelihood, occupation), Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration (attention).

The vibrant colors are breathtaking and will keep you mesmerized and dreamy. It makes you feel like a happy soul floating in the soft folds of meditation.


  • Double Size: 1pc duvet cover: 200cm x 200cm | 80in x 80in, 2pc pillowcase: 50cm x 70cm | 20in x 26in
  • Full Size: 1pc duvet cover: 200cm x 230cm | 80in x 90in, 2pc pillowcase: 50cm x 70cm | 20in x 26in
  • Queen Size: 1pc duvet cover: 220cm x 230cm | 87in x 90in, 2pcs pillowcase: 50cm x 70cm | 20in x 26in
  • King Size: 1pc duvet cover: 220cm x 240cm | 87in x 94in, 2pcs pillowcase: 50cm x 70cm | 20in x 26in

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