Large Dog House Indoor Outdoor Plastic Pet House Waterproof Kennel

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This raised, plastic outdoor doghouse serves as the ideal puppy crash pad your pooch requires. Constructed from weather-resistant polypropylene plastic, the doghouse resists fading, ensuring your pup's space remains visually appealing. An integrated vent promotes fresh air circulation, preventing outdoor stuffiness. Assembly takes minutes straight out of the box, requiring only a screwdriver. The elevated structure keeps your pup dry by keeping them off the ground. Additionally, larger sizes are available, allowing you to select the optimal choice for your dog. This item is designed to bring more joyful moments, encompassing splendid doghouses, snug apparel, and leak-proof potty gear. Crafted, tested, and endorsed by pet experts.

Enhance your dog's dwelling with this heightened plastic doghouse. The raised platform elevates your pup, upgrading their crash pad beyond competitors. The ventilated layout ensures fresh air movement, preventing stifling summer heat. Crafted from resilient, weather-resistant polypropylene plastic, it maintains its durability and appeal over the years.


  • Overall Sizes: 34 x 30.7 x 32.3"
  • Door Sizes: 20.5 x 13"
  • Materials: PP
  • G.W.: 24.5"
  • Color: White, Gray