Propeller-driven Shower Head

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Our unique design enhances the water pressure and is equipped with a built-in propeller mechanism to drive the water flow. The composite high-grade ABS allows the shower head to be incredibly durable and insusceptible to corrosion. The handle surface includes a 5-layer plate for overheating prevention and better grip.

Propeller-driven system

The shower head adopts an internal structure of the propeller-driven system to increase the speed of the water flow, resulting in stronger water pressure. The key of our propeller-driven shower head is to provide a powerful flow even with a low-pressure supply.

Saving water

The head uses micro-laser cut technology to make the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the water pressure while reducing the water flow. As a result, water usage is much effective and efficient. Our propeller-driven shower head generates a magnificent water-spray pattern, feeling soft and relax on the hair and skin.

One-touch stop button

Versatile stop button design for stopping water flow and at the same time, remaining the water temperature, while applying shampoo or shower gel.

Easy for installation and clean

Our shower head adopts a G1/2 international standard interface, easy to connect with any existing shower hose in your home without the help of plumbers, simply screw onto any standard shower hose and you're good to go. Our shower head can be disassembled, making it easy to clean the accessories to keep water flowing evenly.

*Our shower head also fits the standard RV shower bracket.

Cleaner Water 

With a built-in filtration system, our propeller-driven shower head will remove up to 99% of bacteria, ensuring the water is softer and cleaner.

Package Includes:
1 X Propeller-driven Shower Head

1 X Filter


✓ Material: High-grade ABS and polished Chrome.
✓ Color: Gold, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue
✓ Process: Electroplating.
✓ Connection: Common Interface 20mm.

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