Crystals and Stones Decoration Set

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About:  Crystals have been used for various decorative, healing and sentimental purposes since humanity has been recording history.  A we move through time we are becoming more and more aware of their positive energetic properties that we as earthlings can benefit from.  This set is perfect to help purify and cleanse personal, living and sacred spaces.  You can use them to bring color to rooms, protect them, create energy grids, carry them in pouches and give them as gifts.


Material: 1 Gypsum stone 4-5cm, 1 Gypsum stone 10 cm, 3 Gypsum stones 3.5-5cm, 1 Rose quartz, 1 Adenium stone 2-3cm

Box size: 14.5x11x4cm/5.51"x4.33"x1.57"

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